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Personal Branding

If you want recognition in your career, greater results in your business, and a leading role in your life, I present you with PERSONAL BRANDING

I imagine you want to know a little more about Personal Branding and how it can be useful for you, right?
Develop a CV, Linkedin, Logo, or Website as part of your brand creation, but before that you need a strategy to follow and the ability to clearly state your value proposition in the market


In this dynamic environment, the time professionals have to make their mark is reduced. As everyone spends more time working remotely, visibility around the office will decrease despite the increase in work hours. Your personal brand must be powerful enough to impact clients, stakeholders, customers, colleagues, and managers even when you are not physically present. You must be crystal clear about the value you bring to your organization, clients, and the specific project or service. You must deliver that value consistently and, at the same time, be prepared for change.

Similar to you, the individual, companies try their best to retain talent and provide the best culture to boost performance and creativity while maintaining work life balance. Employers want to stay ahead of the competition. They want customers to see their products as different from, and better than, all the other options out there in the market. They want to command the best possible price for their product or service but yet remain competitive. They crave a creative workforce composed of professionals and leaders who can deliver innovative solutions that meet consumers’ most pressing needs. Innovation requires creativity, which in turn derives from a diverse workforce of individuals who are maximizing their unique strengths.
For Small Entrepreneurs, sole traders, consultants, and professionals that alternate between working for organizations and working for themselves, the challenge is even greater. They need to develop and implement ongoing personal marketing plans to be constantly prepared for their next assignment, all while making strong contributions to their current employer or clients. This is a finely managed balance. Standing still is not an option. Constant reorganization means constant disruption in the workforce—meaning that employees at all levels must continually manage their own careers rather than waiting for their employers to do so. You can’t expect things to remain static, nor can you entirely predict the future. So, the only way to ensure that you achieve the career of your dreams or show your unique value proposition for your clients is to build demand for your unique offerings. This may sound daunting, but it is, in fact, an empowering opportunity to profit from your work and to take control of your career, your business, or your services and direct your energy toward your goals.

Conformity is the enemy of innovation. So you will have the opportunity to be yourself and to succeed because of it. When you are just one of many others with similar skills and abilities, you don’t contribute to the diversity your organization needs to generate creative, innovative ideas. Instead, you become a commodity and we don’t want that. In today’s workplace and businesses, creativity has trumped loyalty; individuality has replaced conformity; pro-activity has replaced hierarchy. Opportunities are created rather than seized and thus, you don’t need to self promote – you attract business and clients


It’s not Coaching, Image Consulting, or Personal Marketing – these 3 fronts are part of Personal Branding, but they don’t define it
Just a nice slogan for a resume, LinkedIn headline, and email signature

Just a brand statement
listing your functional

areas of expertise

It’s not just about your Digital Presence, Website, Social Networks, that is, your Online Image

An opportunity
to brag about

A fancy
word for


A fad, soon to
be replaced by
the next “best thing”

Personal Brand

It is not something superficial, that does not require adequate techniques, strategies, and tools, in addition to management capacity
It’s not about getting likes and followers, these can be consequences, not goals
It’s not just something for Artists, Celebrities, Sportsmen, that is, public figures


A brand is a figurative representation of a product or service. You are also a brand, your essence (personality, values, passion, life story, learning potential, what you wear, gestures, and presence guide how people perceive you), network, communication, education, know-how, experience, it is all packaged in a title (doctor, lawyer, consultant) or service (fix a computer, CV writer, sellservices) and sold to the market. Your personal brand is basically your image and reputation.

Branding is the management of a company’s branding strategies, aiming to make it more desirable and positive in the minds of its customers and the general public. It involves actions related to the purpose, values, identity, and positioning with a focus on awakening sensations and creating conscious and unconscious connections, which will be crucial for the customer to choose their brand when deciding to purchase the product or service. The focus here is to bring differentiation to the brand, which will lead to the brand being chosen and admired by its customers.

Personal Branding is the act of developing the strategy and actions to guide and manage your brand that could be career, corporate or entrepreneur. It’s acting and positioning yourself in such a way that your audience clearly understands who you are and what you have to offer.

To thrive in this VUCA market (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) you need to clearly understand what you want to be remembered for, develop a strategy, and work to project that image to your audience in order to be unique and, in turn, chosen.

“Without a brand goal, strategy, and action plan, personal branding becomes akin to baking a cake without a recipe. With a good strategy and action plan you can create a personal brand that makes the world want to buy, hire, promote, or fund you” – Karen Kan

For entrepreneurs and solo professionals, developing your Personal branding is about digging up everything that is true and unique about you and merge into your business model to boost profit. The Business Modules identify the products or services the business plans to sell, its identified target market, and how it can be used as part of the process of developing your personal brand in order to uniquely position your business and services in the market.

For professionals, A strong personal brand is a key to influence, opportunities, and advancement. For recent graduates, a personal brand can be the difference between getting a job and ending up in the circular file. For entrepreneurs, a personal brand that inspires confidence can be the edge that propels investors to fund you. For companies, a personal brand creates Thought Leaders, Brand Ambassadors, a better company culture that all together boost company reputation, product innovation, improves customer loyalty, and attracts great talent.

The clarity of your personal
brand makes it easy to:

Make decisions
Hire or collaborate with other people
Create a true and memorable connection with your audience
Plan communication effectively
Create authentic content
Attract ideal people and opportunities to follow your path
Develop absolute clarity and confidence in your brand’s role and message for the relevant connection with your ideal audience.


Your company needs you to strengthen its brand. In the past, companies had a spokesperson for their stakeholders such as press officers. Today, thanks to transparency in social media, each employee is a communication channel for the company – and that means you need to manage your brand very well.

When you have a strong brand, you add extra value to your company. You can build a fan club, you can hire employees more easily, you can open the door to clients and partners, and so on. And when you’re willing to share your company’s content, mission, and vision with your followers, you greatly increase the impact of those communications.


Become Unique, Valued , and Innovative. Nothing could be further from the truth. As with corporate brands, strong personal brands are based on reality. They are not manufactured. When you ‘develop your brand’, you must develop authenticity – who you really are. This means you need to delve into what is important to you, what sets you apart from others, and what value you can contribute to those who make decisions about you.

Your brand, although founded on who you are, is actually held in the hearts and minds of those who know you. You can go around all day talking about how you are the most strategic person in your company, but if you ask ten of your colleagues and internal customers to describe you, and none of them say you are strategic, then that is not, in fact, an attribute people associate with you and, in turn, your brand. That’s why you need to validate what you know about yourself with external comments.



Don’t confuse Personal Marketing and Self-Promotion. Personal Branding is not about You, it’s about others. That’s right, it’s about creating value for others. It’s not about praising yourself constantly, but rather creating a presence that other’s appreciate.

Google your name and check out the first page of results. 

What kind of pages pop up as you look through these results?

If you have adequately branded, you should see pages dedicated to you and your

business — or pages at least tangentially related to you.

Some key questions to consider if you’re unsure of taking control of your own personal brand

Do you get the desired and deserved recognition in your market?
Does your target audience recognize your value proposition?
Do you know your target audience well?
Are you selling as much as you would like to, and should?
Do you get invitations and opportunities? Recommendations? Are you wanted?
Do other people say good things about you in your absence?
Are you only waiting to see what will happen in your career?
Do you know your differentials? What makes you unique?
Do you need to “do more” or “do it right” for people to come to you?
Do you want to be a ‘Reference’ in your market but don’t even know where to start?
Are you in Career Transition and don’t know how to position yourself?
Are you a leader, but not achieving the desired influence and results in your organization?


Professionals from any area of ​​activity who are looking for Personal Branding as a strategic process for personal management to support their careers and impact their businesses by strategically positioning and articulating their personal brand in the market, generating value (projected and perceived) and solid business opportunities.


Discover (Your differentiators and how to turn them into competitive advantage)
Position (Be clear about your value proposition and your target market)
Be Perceived (by your key attributes and competencies)
Increase Sales (Attracting real opportunities and not chasing them)


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